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Wellington heat pumps and air conditioning and LED lights
LED Lighting

We wholesale import and install a range of LED lighting, including strip lighting for residential and business properties, both new and retro-fitting existing buildings. 

Energy efficient LED solutions with Lighting Worxs

LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology which has the greatest potential to impact on energy savings.

A light-emitting diode, or LED, is 6-7 more times more efficient than normal lighting

The lifespan of LED bulbs ranges between 15,000 – 25,000 + hours lasting 25 times longer than normal light bulbs.

LEDs help to decrease the amount of heat loss unlike normal lights which use 90% of their energy on wasted heat.

LEDs emit light in a specific direction keeping the light where you need it.

Our electricians and lighting designers can create a quote to fit your led lighting needs from Recessed down lights, Security lighting, Landscape lighting and any other lighting needs you may require.

visit lightingworxs.co.nz for more LED Lighting options.

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