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Gree Solar Hybrid Hi Wall inverter air conditioner

Utilize the natural power of the sun to heat or cool your home

What is a Solar Hybrid inverter?

While inverter airconditioners are more powerful and use less energy that a fixed speed air conditioner, Gree's new solar Hybrid Inverter takes this to a new level of Efficiency. The worlds first true solar Hybrid air conditioner allows you to convert the suns energy through Photovoltaic panels into DC power that is feed directly into the DC side of the Gree inverter. The combination of the solar Hybrid technology coupled with Gree's G10 inverter means you and your family can enjoy the benfits of better temperature control, lower noise levels and increased energy efficiency. 

Power saving Tecnology

Using Gree's patented power Supply control module (PSCM) the Hansol Solar Hybrid Unit can use Solar DC generated power or mains AC generated power, or a combination of both as required. This means that no matter what the weather you will have unitterupted comfort.

The PSCM will use as much solar energy as is avaliable and this solar energy directly replaces the equalivalent amount of AC power from the mains provider. Under optimum conditions, this can save up to 97% of your mains power usage.


Better Air Quality and Noise levels

The Hansol range of solar Hybrid Air Conditioners offers several features that improve air quality. All units come standard witht he filters to remove dust particles. Additional to this each unit is fitted with as standard a photo catalytic filter to remove bacteria, Viruses and unpleasant odours. The Hansol Solar Hybrid  comes with seven fans speeds so that you can choose your desired level of air flow from super low to turbo. The auto fan feature enables the on board logic to select the best fan speed based on the indoor temperature and the thermostat set point. The Gree Solar Hybrid air conditioner benefits from smart fluid dynamic design; this has dramatically improved airflow through the air conditioner thus reduving indoor noise levels.

Mould and Odour Prevention

When used as an air conditioner and once the unit is switched off the indoor coil is wet and provides a great environment for mould and bacteria to grow. By pressing the X-Fan button on the remote control the indoor fan will continue to run on for 10 minutes after the unit has been switched. This assists in drying out the indoor coil and helps to prevent the groth of mould and bacteria as well as reducing bad odours in the unit. 

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